Jersey identifies requests by looking at the accept header. I have a request which accepts only text/* - How can i force the response to be for example application/json?

public MyResponseObject create() {
    return new MyResponseObject();

If a request is directed to create which only accepts text/* jersey will return a 500. Is there a way to workaround this issue? (I can't change the requests accept header).


Jersey also supports this via ResourceConfig property PROPERTY_MEDIA_TYPE_MAPPINGS that you could configure in your web.xml or programatically via Jersey APIs as shown below:

 DefaultResourceConfig rc = new DefaultResourceConfig(MyResource.class);
 rc.getMediaTypeMappings().put("json", MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE);
 rc.getMediaTypeMappings().put("xml", MediaType.APPLICATION_XML_TYPE);
 SimpleServerFactory.create("http://localhost:9090", rc);

You can force content type negotiation by suffixing either .json or .xml to your URL.


I solved this by using a servlet filter:


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