I am creating a movie website for a project. In the website I'm going to add movies download links that can be downloaded via torrents. I have seen in some websites that they use torcache.net to provide download links. And my quesion is how to create a magnet link, or how to get a torrent file link that can embed in a html file from websites like torcache.net...

  • What is it about putting up a plain old torrent link that doesn't suit your purposes? – TheHansinator Apr 21 '16 at 15:35

Have you considered just copy and pasting the magnet link from a regular torrent indexing site?

What is going to differentiate your website from a plain old torrent indexer like thepiratebay?

Making a link in html is simply a matter of:

<a href="torcache.com/torrent/ID">text</a>

Could you please be more specific in your question.


I think the gentleman is asking how, using magnet links, to download the data via torrent network in the application and serve is to the user.

There is a javascript library called WebTorrent that uses WebRTC protocol to transmit data in the browser to other browsers. You can use magnet links or .torrent files.

In the browser, WebTorrent uses WebRTC (data channels) for peer-to-peer transport. It can be used without browser plugins, extensions, or installations. It's Just JavaScript™. Note: WebTorrent does not support UDP/TCP peers in browser.

You can see a demo of it where a video clip is streamed in via torrent and after it buffers up a bit, starts playing a short movie. You can also see a visual of the nodes connecting and disconnecting, which is quite cool - https://webtorrent.io


If I want to share large files (> 10Mb) with multiple people I use file.pizza implementation.

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