Phonegap desktop launching creen

I have installed phonegap desktop v(0.3.0) on windows 7 (64 bit)


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My Problem got resolved. downloaded the new version (0.3.1) from below link and installed it



it appears that the 0.3.0 release was problematic.

There is a new version (0.3.1) to address the issue.

See this Blog post for details: PhoneGap Desktop App 0.3.1

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    I downloaded the windows version from this link and problem still exist there. Phonegap Desktop goes on just loading...... continously. Seems CLI is good option Jan 6, 2020 at 14:42
  • @HeemanshuBhalla Looks like Adobe is bailing on PhoneGap stackoverflow.com/a/59806662/3606700
    – Chase
    Jan 19, 2020 at 2:37

I solved it by going to the phonegap directory and running (as administrator) the batch file "resources \ app.asar.unpacked \ bin \ postInstall.bat"


Looks like the initial cause in this case was solved (at that time), but for those stumbling onto this thread in the future. Phonegap build has stopped working because Adobe has stopped supporting it.

Per The Adobe forum

PhoneGap Build is in maintenance mode, no further active work is being done by Adobe.

There may be ways to get it working, but it's questionable, at what point will the entire Build platform be taken down? Probably best to turn away from Phonegap entirely and rely on the Cordova CLI.

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