I have a solution which uses Solution Folders to split out the projects. In the Visual Studio IDE, the solution builds fine.

However when running the build using MSBuild from the command line, I get the following error:-

Solution file error MSB5023: Error parsing the nested project section in solution file. A project with the GUID "{Some Project GUID}" is listed as being nested under project "{Some Solution Folder Project GUID}", but does not exist in the solution.

Now I've checked these two GUIDs over, and they exist, one as a project, the other as the solution folder that the project is nested under. There shouldn't be any problem.

Does anyone have a way to resolve this?


I faced the same issue and managed to sort out:

  1. Opened .sln in NotePad and found Guids
  2. One of my projects wasn't closed ("EndProject" was missed)

Cheers, hope this can help anyone

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    This was the solution for me. After a git conflict I had a malformed sln file lacking an EndProject line – gvdm Dec 12 '18 at 23:18

Or you can add a new file to the solution and save. This should rebuild the solution. After confirming the build is working fine, the file can be safely removed and saved.

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    I added a solution item and saved the solution. I'm not sure the same thing will happen if you add a file to a project instead. – Daniel Gabriel Dec 6 '18 at 17:40
  • It created a "Solution Items" folder when I did this (which I later removed). This procedure corrected the error, which turned out to be a missing "EndProject" line. – DaveInCaz May 17 at 14:10

It is possible you may also have an issue where the line could have gotten in here with a merge conflict where it wasn't deleted when a project was deleted. If you can't find any other references in your project with a global search of the GUID, try deleting the line in the .sln file and rebuilding.

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