My Docker syslog tags are being truncated at what seems to be 32 characters. When I look at RFC 5424 I am not sure which field it is. Anyone know? I am trying to verify the allowed length the tag can be.

Apr 19 06:43:05 ord-nodecore-prd-01 docker/core_sql_event_processor_ha[1207]: 2016-04-19T06:43:05.265Z [sqlEventHandler] Event '3c5e1a15-f8a1-4bfa-b2fa-2e54b2a5fbaa' resulted in 0 relevant application events


<30>Apr 19 06:43:05 ord-nodecore-prd-01 docker/core_sql_event_processor_ 2016-04-19T06:43:05.265Z [sqlEventHandler] Event '3c5e1a15-f8a1-4bfa-b2fa-2e54b2a5fbaa' resulted in 0 relevant application events

Note the tag, docker/core_sql_event_processor_ha[1207]:

Here is the RFC link: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5424#page-9

I am thinking it is the 'SD-Name' but it may be 'APP-Name'. No idea.


Your example has nothing to do with RFC5424, and looks more like RFC3164 (which is not a standard, but a collection of older best practices). Please read this: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5424#appendix-A.1 then search for 'TAG ' - in essence, RFC5424 does not have a TAG field as such.

I am not familiar with Docker logging, but if I read https://docs.docker.com/engine/admin/logging/overview/#syslog-options , then check syslog-format - it seems that the format can be specified, also to be like rfc5424micro which I would recommend, but seems like in your case it is not configured like that.

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