I'm currently trying to set up nagios herald on my production nagios instance. I've made all the setup neccessary and when I run the following dry run, the notification is sent straight away:

root@mon1 objects]# /usr/local/nagios-herald/bin/nagios-herald --env-file /tmp/test_herald.out --message-type email -r my.email@address.net --formatter=$_SERVICEMESSAGE_FORMATTER_NAME$ --nagios-cgi-url= --reply-to=nagios@somehost.com

I want to be able to test keeping my legacy notifications in place, so I created a new command, contactgroup, and contact definition:

define command {
    command_name    herald-service-email
    command_line   /usr/local/nagios-herald/bin/nagios-herald --message-type email -r my.email@address.net --formatter=$_SERVICEMESSAGE_FORMATTER_NAME$ --nagios-cgi-url= --reply-to=nagios@somehost.com

# nagios herald testing
define contactgroup {
    contactgroup_name              nagios-herald
    alias                          nagios herald
    name                           nagios-herald
    members                        nagios-herald
define contact {
    contact_name                   nagios-herald
    alias                          nagios-herald
    name                           nagios-herald
    use                            generic-pager
    service_notification_commands  herald-service-email
    register                       1
    email                          my.email@address.net

Lastly, I added the service notification command to my global contact used for all our alerting (the alert email is aliased to our actual email in /etc/aliases:

define contact {
    contact_name                   admin
    alias                          admin user
    name                           admin
    register                       1
    host_notification_period       24x7
    host_notification_options      d,u,r
    host_notification_commands     notify-host-by-email
    service_notification_period    24x7
    service_notification_options   w,u,c,r
    service_notification_commands  notify-service-by-email,dump-env,herald-service-email
    email                          admin
    pager                          admin-pager

And I see the notification getting invoked in my Thruk web UI, so I'm at a loss as to how/why this isn't working when the command invoked manually works. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


Can you provide one of the service definitions you're expecting to see an alert from? Perhaps you have a malformed _message_formatter_name directive.

You can also append the --trace argument to the end of the nagios-herald notification command and it will provide more details on what it's doing. Remember to also set -l <logfile> in the command or specify logfile: in the config so the output is captured in a file.

  • I requested additional information to continue helping; can the person that down-voted this explain why they voted that way? That context could be useful. – Ryan Frantz Apr 27 '16 at 13:37

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