Can someone please help me with the below Mock object. I want to write a mock test case for ServiceImpl class. I want to mock OrderIF interface:

public interface OrderIF{
    List<Order> ordersFor(String type);

The implementation of service is:

public class ServiceImpl implements Service {
    private List <Order> orders ;
    private OrderIF orderif ; // this is 3rd party interface

    public int getval(String type) {
       //some code 

       // this returns a list of objects (orders)
       orders = orderif.ordersFor(type);

       // some code 
       return orders.get(0)

My code give NullPoinerException:

public class ServiceImplTest {
     private List <Order> ll ;
     private service reqService ; 

     private orderIF order;

     public void setUp() throws Exception {
         ll = new ArrayList<Order> ();
         ll.add(new Order("Buy"  ,  11 , "USD" ));
         ll.add(new Order("Sell" ,  22 , "USD" ));
         reqService = spy(new ServiceImpl());

     public void test() {
        String type= "USD" ; 
        q = reqService.getval(type);
        assertTrue(q.get().ask == 232.75);
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    And where in your code is the NPE raised? – Ralf Apr 22 '16 at 8:05

@InjectMocks will not instantiate or mock your class. This annotation is used for injecting mocks into this field.

If you want to test serviceImpl you will need to mock in this way:

private OrderIF order;

private Service reqService = new ServiceImpl(); 

To make it work you either need to use runner or MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this); in @Before method.


I'm guessing that order is null and you're getting the NullPointerException here:


For @InjectMocks to work and instantiate your class, you'll need to add a runner:

public class ServiceImplTest {
    // ...

You don't have to use the runner, refer to the documentation for alternatives.

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