When I run my app, I get the error in these lines:

ballonview = (cell!.contentView.viewWithTag(0)!.viewWithTag(1) as? UIImageView)!
label = (cell!.contentView.viewWithTag(0)!.viewWithTag(2) as! UILabel)

Here is the original code in objective-c, but I want it in swift

balloonView = (UIImageView *)[[cell.contentView viewWithTag:0] viewWithTag:1];
label = (UILabel *)[[cell.contentView viewWithTag:0] viewWithTag:2];

So, what can I do?


If any of those are associated with storyboard elements youll need to make sure they are all properly connected and identified. In my experience thats the first place I need to check when there is a crash involving UI elements.

Also, it would be extremely beneficial to unwrap all those optionals in a safe manner as well. Three bangs in the same line is a giant red flag.

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