I have a git patch with two binary files (it's libraries, newly added). I tried to apply the patches but the binary files are not created. I tried git apply with the --binary option. Is there any other option to add the binary files from git patch? I only need the binary files.


The --binary option is used when you create the patch file, not when you apply it.

That means, instead of your current git diff branch1 branch2 > patch-file, you have to do this instead: git diff branch1 branch2 --binary > patch-file. And, then, apply the patch with git apply patch-file in the same way as you're doing.

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I tried the git apply with --binary option.

That wouldn't do anything: the git apply man page mentions:

Currently we always allow binary patch application, so this is a no-op.

So check your git status and permissions on your repo, as well as your git version.
As a test, try apply that patch on a new repo.

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