I want to customize the datatip in Primefaces 5.2 charts. So it means, that I want to change the datatipFormat and the content on it.

It tried this:

--- XHTML ---

<p:chart type="line" 
         ... />

--- Java ---

public String getDatatipFormat()
    return "<span style=\"display:none;\">%s</span><span>%s</span>";

isShowDatatip() returns true.

The customized datatipFormat doesn't seem to work, moreover I don't know how to put the data I want on the %s.

To resume:


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I found the solution.

Here, it leads me to the wrong direction.

I put my Java code on the LineChartController and my showDatatip leads to a LineChartModel ... which contains a setDatatipFormat(String) method.

So I use it:

LineChartModel lineModel = new LineChartModel();
lineModel.setDatatipFormat("<table><thead><tr><th>Date</th></tr></thead><tbody><td>%s</td><td>%s EUR</td></tbody></table>");

And I still don't know how to put the data I want in the %s.


You can use <p:overlayPanel> for this

    <p:overlayPanel id="myPanel" for="myLbl" showEvent="mouseover" hideEvent="mouseout">
           <p:panelGrid columns="2">  
                <f:facet name="header">#{controller. getDate()}</f:facet>                   
                 <h:outputLabel value="#{controller.dataItem.Col1}" />             
                 <h:outputLabel value="#{controller.dataItem.Col2}" />    


and bind this overlay onn mousehover of desired point in your chart alrernatively you can call overlay from javascript as well catch the mousehover event of chart.

  • I tried your code, itis nice but, do you know how to retrieve information from the chart (x and y coordinates for instance) ? Because otherwise the datas are static.
    – Quentame
    Apr 22, 2016 at 13:00

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