I want to explode a string for all:

  1. whitespaces (\n \t etc)
  2. comma
  3. hyphen (small dash). Like this >> -

But this does not work:

$keywords = explode("\n\t\r\a,-", "my string");

How to do that?


Explode can't do that. There is a nice function called preg_split for that. Do it like this:

$keywords = preg_split("/[\s,-]+/", "This-sign, is why we can't have nice things");

This outputs:

  0 => string 'This' (length=4)
  1 => string 'sign' (length=4)
  2 => string 'is' (length=2)
  3 => string 'why' (length=3)
  4 => string 'we' (length=2)
  5 => string 'can't' (length=5)
  6 => string 'have' (length=4)
  7 => string 'nice' (length=4)
  8 => string 'things' (length=6)

BTW, do not use split, it is deprecated.


... or if you don't like regexes and you still want to explode stuff, you could replace multiple characters with just one character before your explosion:

$keywords = explode("-", str_replace(array("\n", "\t", "\r", "\a", ",", "-"), "-", 
  "my string\nIt contains text.\rAnd several\ntypes of new-lines.\tAnd tabs."));

This blows into:

array(6) {
  string(9) "my string"
  string(17) "It contains text."
  string(11) "And several"
  string(12) "types of new"
  string(6) "lines."
  string(9) "And tabs."
  • This technique makes 6 passes over the input string (full traversal of the string x6) before exploding on the hyphen. I would be using the much simpler, single-function call in shamittomar's answer because it only makes one pass over the input string. – mickmackusa May 15 '20 at 2:05

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