I'm trying to follow the directions from this page:
regarding rendering primitives with a unique color

I've checked the number of bits for every color and the result was 8 for each.
When calling:

 glColor3ui(0x80000000, 0, 0xFF000000);

and reading back the pixel with glReadPixels() I get the color: 0xFFFE007F
which corresponts to R=0x7F, G=0, B=0xFE
The two lower bits of Red and Blue are wrong.

Why is that?
I'm using a brand new nVidia card on a dell laptop with the most current drivers


It turns out that the FAQ has a mistake.

The documentation of glColor states that: "Unsigned integer color components, when specified, are linearly mapped to floating-point values such that the largest representable value maps to 1.0 (full intensity), and 0 maps to 0.0 (zero intensity)."
This actually suggests that to get full intensity white I should call:


and not

glColor3ui(0xFF000000, 0xFF000000, 0xFF000000);

as the FAQ suggests.
And that explains why 0xFF000000 mapped to 254.

I have filed a bug report to the people supposedly maintaining the FAQ


Have you done this, too?

In either event, you'll need to ensure that any state that could
affect the final color has been disabled. The following code will
accomplish this:

glDisable (GL_BLEND); glDisable (GL_DITHER);
glDisable (GL_FOG); glDisable (GL_LIGHTING);
glDisable (GL_TEXTURE_1D); glDisable (GL_TEXTURE_2D);
glDisable (GL_TEXTURE_3D); glShadeModel (GL_FLAT); 

Also check if your glReadPixels buffer has 24/32 bits.

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