Say I have accepted() a connection to my server (that runs on a Solaris) and the client has closed the connection. What is the state of the socket (in netstat categories) of the socket on the server side before I close() it on the server side? Is it BOUND?


It will be CLOSE_WAIT, see the tcp state diagram, e.g. on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tcp_state_diagram_new.svg


In this situation the socket on the client will be in TIME_WAIT and the socket on the server will go through CLOSE_WAIT and will move to CLOSED pretty quickly so you might not catch it in netstat before it vanishes from the list altogether.


It should be CLOSE_WAIT since the end which intiates FIN goes to TIME_WAIT ---> CLOSED first.

In this it's the client which initiates first. So the server will go to CLOSE_WAIT.



you can check by:

ps auxf

lsof -a -p [server_process_id]

you will get: sock 0,8

state 8: TCP_CLOSE


I guess, TIME_WAIT.

You may check it with "netstat" on Linux, don't know how do it on Solaris.

  • No, TIME_WAIT is after socket is closed() on the local end. I asked about state before closing() the descriptor.
    – tadeusz
    Dec 15 '08 at 10:29

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