So I'm saving a dictionary to my firebase. The dictionary is located in a custom class I made called FoodItem. Here's the lines where I save the dictionary:

let favRef = self.ref.childByAppendingPath("urlhidden")

foodItem is a FoodItem object, here's the part of my FoodItem class that implements .toAnyObject()

var key: String
var ref: Firebase?
var name: String
var description: String
var minCal: Int
var maxCal: Int
var containsNuts: Bool
var vegetarian: Bool
var price: Double //**NOTE THAT PRICE IS A DOUBLE**

func toAnyObject()->[String:AnyObject]{
    return ["name":self.name,

So those bits of code combined saves my data to my firebase. Works as it should. But when I retrieve the data, my price variable is a string? I'll explain...

Here's where I retrieve the data:

func getCurrentOrder(){
    let uid = ref.authData.uid
    ref = Firebase(url: "urlhidden")
    ref.observeEventType(.Value, withBlock: { snapshot in

        var newItems = [FoodItem]()

        for item in snapshot.children {

            let foodItem = FoodItem(snapshot: item as! FDataSnapshot)

        self.order = newItems

That FoodItem constructor you see with the snapshot takes the data from my firebase and assigns my FoodItem variables to those values in my firebase. Here's that code:

init(snapshot: FDataSnapshot) {
    key = snapshot.key
    name = snapshot.value["name"] as! String
    price = snapshot.value["price"] as! Double //**NOTE STILL A DOUBLE**
    description = snapshot.value["description"] as! String
    minCal = snapshot.value["minCal"] as! Int
    maxCal = snapshot.value["maxCal"] as! Int
    containsNuts = snapshot.value["containsNuts"] as! Bool
    vegetarian = snapshot.value["vegetarian"] as! Bool

    ref = snapshot.ref

However when I run my code, I see that it prints the double as a String There are quotes around the value of my price

As you can see, there are clearly quotes around the Double variable "price". And I get this error:

Could not cast value of type '__NSCFString' (0xff0ee0) to 'NSNumber' (0x13ff81c).

With this line of code highlighted in red:

price = snapshot.value["price"] as! Double

Which is located inside the FoodItem constructor with the snapshot as I posted above.

Any Ideas???

*EDIT: It does the same thing for my int variables. Same error message

  • This may not be an issue (currently), but Firebase does not directly support Doubles. It supports 4 object types; NSString, NSNumber, NSDictionary, NSArray. You may want to consider wrapping your double into an NSNumber for storage into Firebase. As it is, you are storing it as a string. It could be an issue if an invalid char is stored or perhaps an empty string instead of 0. – Jay Apr 22 '16 at 17:37

It never actually saved it as a String. I believe I had that value in there as some old code in which I did save it as a String. I deleted my entries in the database and tried it again and it works just fine. Thank you to those who attempted to answer my question.


2017 example

It may save someone some typing, here's some completely typical code to observe a simple number value. Let's say it's a fraction called SomeFraction.

As always, Firebase rocks :)

override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {

var r1: DatabaseReference? = nil
func dev_listenForLiveFraction() {
    let p1 = "something/someFractionForExample"
    r1 = Database.database().reference(withPath: p1)
    r1!.observe(.value) { (snapshot) in
        let sf: NSNumber = snapshot.value as? NSNumber ?? 0.666

func example_handleSomeFraction(_ sf: NSNumber) {
    print("the fraction is now \(sf)")

override func viewDidDisappear(_ animated: Bool) {

private func clearObservations() {
    if r1 != nil {
        r1 = nil

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