Recently, I'm learning about JSON, using Google's Gson. And I come across a problem. Here is code:

Type type = new TypeToken<Collection<Data>>(){}.getType();

I can't understand what {} really mean.So I read source code, and get class description like: Constructs a new type literal. Derives represented class from type parameter... Clients create an empty anonymous subclass. anonymous subclass really make me confused? Can anyone explain it concretely?


The {} is the body of the anonymous class.

The full definition for what you have is this:

class MyTypeToken extends TypeToken<Collection<Data>> {


TypeToken<Collection<Data>> tcd = new MyTypeToken();
Type type = tcd.getType();

Rather than having to type all that out, Java allows you to simplify it to just:

Type type =
    new TypeToken<Collection<Data>>() // this is the constructor
        // in here you can override methods and add your own if you want
    }   // this ends the declaration of the class. At this point the class is created and initialized
    .getType(); // This is method of the class and semicolon to end the expression

Note that since the class is anonymous, you have to initialize it at the same time it is created. If you try to initialize it after, that defeats it's anonymity

You could also do this:

TypeToken<Collection<Data>> tt = new TypeToken<Collection<Data>>(){};
Type type = tt.getType();
  • Your answer really helps me. Thx. – liaoming Apr 22 '16 at 17:11

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