I'm pretty new to programming, and I'm having an incredibly difficult time making GitHub and Visual Studio Community 2015 play nice with each other. Usually the first commit goes well, and I can see it on GitHub.com just fine. But it never lets me make any more commits. I make changes to the file, save it, but the commit button in VS stays grayed out. I've been all over the Team Explorer to figure out what I'm doing wrong, and I can't figure it out. It says I have no unpublished changes or anything, even though I'm changing tons of things in the file.

Is there any reason it would stop working after the first commit?

  • Normally the commit button stays grayed out until you write a commit message. Did you try to write a commit message? – user3937907 Apr 23 '16 at 6:06
  • Yep! I always write a message. The first commit goes fine: the button activates, I click it. Then I make some changes to the file, save it, and write another commit message. Button stays grayed out. – Nathan R Apr 23 '16 at 6:08
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    Another problem is, whenever I try to create a NEW repository, it asks for the URL of the GitHub one I'm connecting to. So I enter it in (I get it from GitHit, the .git URL) and then Visual Studio says "Can't publish because the repository with that name is not empty." News to me! It doesn't even have a readme in it. Are the commit and new repository problems related? Am I an idiot? – Nathan R Apr 23 '16 at 6:22

Try to use git push on git shell, the console will tell you if there are any errors, and give you searchable errors.


I think I figured it out, and as predicted, I'm an idiot. I was accidentally saving the files OUTSIDE the local repo folder. If anyone else has this problem, make sure you are saving things in the right places. Also, cloning the remote repo instead of trying to create two in each place helped a lot.


If you have a local database file, then you will not be able to copy/move the database file, and so any change in the solution cannot be committed. You have either to close the database service, close the connection inside the application or to close the solution and do the commit.

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