I am trying to sort an observable array and havent had any luck (RxSwift n00b)

let items = [AnyObject]? 
let locations = Observable.just(items)

I want to achieve something like this on locations

items.sortInPlace({$0.name < $1.name})

Any pointers will be appreciated!


here my solution

   .map({ (items) -> [AnyObject] in
       return items.sorted(by: { (item1, item2) -> Bool in
          return item1.name < item2.name

I figured

  1. initing locations as Variable([AnyObject]())
  2. setting locations asObservable
  3. sorting as locations.value.sortInPlace({$0.name < $1.name})

Feels good!


(Swift 4) This is working for me where datasource is a Variable array

var datasource = Variable<[String]>.init([])

_ = self.datasource.value.sort(by: {$0.name < $1.name})

Hope it helps

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