I am very confused to understand the difference between sparse index and dense index. Can you explain the difference between them ?


As described in this link

Dense Index:

  • An index record appears for every search key value in file.
  • This record contains search key value and a pointer to the actual record.

Sparse Index:

  • Index records are created only for some of the records.
  • To locate a record, we find the index record with the largest search key value less than or equal to the search key value we are looking for.
  • We start at that record pointed to by the index record, and proceed along the pointers in the file (that is, sequentially) until we find the desired record.

Also, dense indices are faster in general, but sparse indices require less space and impose less maintenance for insertions and deletions

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    I'd note that "faster" here is specifically faster selects. Sparse could be described as faster inserts, deletes and updates – Caleth Jan 4 at 13:23
  • @Caleth that's a fair point but I believe the purpose of indexing is to attend faster selects thus in general dense indices are indeed faster. Sounds right? – Abhinav Srivastava Jan 29 at 10:28
  • My point is that there isn't a platonic "faster" for operations on a table, there are multiple measures that you can care about. Sometimes the business need is that inserts are as fast as possible, and other queries don't matter so much. – Caleth Jan 29 at 10:32
  • I think Sparse Indexing will be much faster because of sequential data in it and we can apply binary search on it. For Dense Index, we need sequential search and it will cost in terms of time. – msmq Mar 28 at 7:20

In Dense Index, an index entry appears for every search-key whereas for Sparse index, an index entry appears for only some of the search-key values.

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