I'm writing TypeScript and HTML files, and tabs gets converted to spaces.

I tried to change the settings and restart, but nothing changed.

The settings i configured:

// Place your settings in this file to overwrite default and user settings.
    "editor.insertSpaces": false

I tried to google it and I found that I did a right step when I added "editor.insertSpaces": false, but it has not changed my preferences.


I found that the tabs work in .html files, but not in .ts files.


There are 3 options:

// The number of spaces a tab is equal to.
"editor.tabSize": 4,

// Insert spaces when pressing Tab.
"editor.insertSpaces": true,

// When opening a file, `editor.tabSize` and `editor.insertSpaces` will be detected based on the file contents.
"editor.detectIndentation": true

editor.detectIndentation detects it from your file, you have to disable it. If it didn't help, check that you have no settings with higher priority. For example when you save it to User settings it could be overwritten by Workspace settings which are in your project folder.

Now you have alternative to editing those options manually.
Click on selector Spaces:4 at the bottom-right of the editor:
 Ln44, Col .  [Spaces:4] . UTF-8 with BOM . CTRLF . HTML . :)

When you want to convert existing ws to tab, install extension from Marketplace
To convert existing indentation from spaces to tabs hit Ctrl+Shift+P and type:

>Convert indentation to Tabs

This will change the indentation for your document based on the defined settings to Tabs.


To change tab settings, click the text area right to the Ln/Col text in the status bar on the bottom right of vscode window.

The name can be Tab Size or Spaces.

A menu will pop up with all available actions and settings.

enter image description here

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    For me, this only changes these settings for the particular file I'm currently viewing. The other files in the project keep their old settings. How would you set it universally? – Kyle Vassella Aug 24 '18 at 15:49

Ctrl + shift + P then "Convert indentation to tabs"


In my case, the problem was JS-CSS-HTML Formatter extension installed after january update. The default indent_char property is space. I uninstalled it and the weird behavior stops.

  • Oh yes, this is was the actual issue for me. spend a lot of time tinkering around setting in VS code. finally disabling this extension solved the problem. – Avijeet May 13 '17 at 13:43

If you want to use tabs instead of spaces

Try this:

  1. Go to FilePreferencesSettings or just press Ctrl + ,
  2. In the Search settings bar on top insert editor.insertSpaces
  3. You will see something like this: Editor: Insert Spaces and it will be probably checked. Just uncheck it as show in image below

enter image description here

  1. Reload Visual Studio Code (Press F1 ➤ type reload window ➤ press Enter)

If it doesn't worked try this:

It's probably because of installed plugin JS-CSS-HTML Formatter

(You can check it by going to FilePreferencesExtensions or just pressing Ctrl + Shift + X, in the Enabled list you will find JS-CSS-HTML Formatter)

If so you can modify this plugin:

  1. Press F1 ➤ type Formatter config ➤ press Enter (it will open the file formatter.json)
  2. Modify the file like this:

     4|    "indent_size": 1,
     5|    "indent_char": "\t"
    24|    "indent_size": 1,
    25|    "indentCharacter": "\t",
    26|    "indent_char": "\t",
    34|    "indent_size": 1,
    35|    "indent_char": "\t",
    36|    "indent_character": "\t"
  3. Save it (Go to FileSave or just press Ctrl + S)

  4. Reload Visual Studio Code (Press F1 ➤ type reload window ➤ press Enter)
  • If you want spaces instead of tabs, modify formatter.json file: put one space in any quotation mark instead of \t (So "\t" became " "), and put 4 where you see 1. So you come might be like this "indent_size": 4, "indent_char": " " "indent_size": 4, "indentCharacter": " ", "indent_char": " ", "indent_size": 4, "indent_char": " ", "indent_character": " " – Alex Logvin Apr 9 at 16:55

Below settings are worked well for me,

"editor.insertSpaces": false,
"editor.formatOnSave": true, // only if you want auto fomattting on saving the file
"editor.detectIndentation": false

Above settings will reflect and applied to every files. You don't need to indent/format every file manually.


Check this from official vscode setting:

  // Controls whether `editor.tabSize#` and `#editor.insertSpaces` will be automatically detected when a file is opened based on the file contents.
  "editor.detectIndentation": true,

  // The number of spaces a tab is equal to. This setting is overridden based on the file contents when `editor.detectIndentation` is on.
  "editor.tabSize": 4,

  // Configure editor settings to be overridden for [html] language.
  "[html]": {
    "editor.insertSpaces": true,
    "editor.tabSize": 2,
    "editor.autoIndent": false

File -> Preferences -> Settings (or just press Ctrl+,, and search for spaces, then just deactivate this option:

enter image description here

I had to reopen the file so the changes take effect.

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