I need to expose about 60 operations in a 30 different classes to JMX. Making it with DynamicMBean is a bit annoying. I am looking for a fast and elegant way to do it.

I know that Spring has a nice way with annotations but i am not using spring in this project.

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    Anything to stop you introducing Spring into your project? – Noel M Sep 10 '10 at 6:39
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    it is a long story, but i can't – fatnjazzy Sep 10 '10 at 6:47

Please take a look at my SimpleJmx Java package which is designed to easily publish beans via JMX using annotations. It also has client code as well.

Quick code sample:

// you can also use the platform mbean server
JmxServer jmxServer = new JmxServer(8000);
// register our lookupCache object defined below

Here's how to define a bean.

@JmxResource(domainName = "j256", description = "Lookup cache")
public class LookupCache {
    @JmxAttributeField(description = "Number of hits in the cache")
    private int hitCount;

    @JmxOperation(description = "Flush the cache")
    public void flushCache() {

Feedback welcome.


If it's just a set of easy operations, you could use the JMX support provided in Clojure contrib:

Clojure Contrib

Clojure compiles to Java so you would not have much problems integrating with your current project.


Have you seen the @MXBean annotation, it may be what you're after, and is part of Java 6.

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