I cant reinstall phantomjs 1.9.8 to 2.1.1 version on my ubuntu 16.04 Please help. 1.9.8 give me an errors when I write a spin functions, in documentation see that this ploblem I can solve with reinstalation.


I just installed phantomjs 2.1.1 in ubuntu 16.04 with the following steps, which I found after a bit of googling :

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo npm -g install phantomjs-prebuilt
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    Since PhantomJS has nothing to do with node.js or npm (installed only for convenience), this installs a whole ecosystem for a single binary that has nothing to do with the ecosystem.
    – Artjom B.
    Apr 25 '16 at 15:49
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    True enough. The nodejs (and nodejs-legacy) are required by npm to successfully install phantomjs. The steps I followed were for use with selenium in python. The npm could always be uninstalled once done. This was just a very quick way to get the PhantomJS driver working with selenium.
    – dmdip
    Apr 25 '16 at 17:14

So, jmunsch's answer works for me, but just to provide a clear and minimal recipe:


sudo apt-get install libfontconfig

wget "https://bitbucket.org/ariya/phantomjs/downloads/phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2"

tar xvfj "./phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2"

ln -sf "$(pwd)/phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64/bin/phantomjs" "/usr/bin"

The last line requires sudo because of /usr/bin, but you can put the symlink anywhere...


Here is how I would do it if I were developing. The packages are versioned to nodejs and not ubuntu:

Use nvm: https://github.com/creationix/nvm

touch ~/.profile
curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.31.7/install.sh | bash

source ~/.profile
# node 6x
nvm install 6.5.0 
npm install phantomjs@2.1.1

# node 4x
nvm install 4.5.0
nvm use 4.5.0
npm install phantomjs@1.9.19

# node 0.12x
nvm install 0.12
npm show phantomjs@* version
npm install phantomjs@1.9.8

Perhaps we are developing on 0.10, 0.12, 4.X, iojs4.x, 6.X, etc well now we have access to choose whichever version of phantomjs:

jmunsch@ubuntu:~$ npm show phantomjs@* version
phantomjs@0.0.1 '0.0.1'
phantomjs@0.0.2 '0.0.2'
phantomjs@0.0.3 '0.0.3'
phantomjs@0.0.4 '0.0.4'
phantomjs@0.0.5 '0.0.5'
phantomjs@0.0.6 '0.0.6'
phantomjs@0.0.7 '0.0.7'
phantomjs@0.0.8 '0.0.8'
phantomjs@0.0.9 '0.0.9'
phantomjs@0.1.0 '0.1.0'
phantomjs@0.1.1 '0.1.1'
phantomjs@0.2.0 '0.2.0'
phantomjs@0.2.1 '0.2.1'
phantomjs@0.2.2 '0.2.2'
phantomjs@0.2.3 '0.2.3'
phantomjs@0.2.4 '0.2.4'
phantomjs@0.2.5 '0.2.5'
phantomjs@0.2.6 '0.2.6'
phantomjs@1.9.8 '1.9.8'
phantomjs@1.9.9 '1.9.9'
phantomjs@1.9.10 '1.9.10'
phantomjs@1.9.11 '1.9.11'
phantomjs@1.9.12 '1.9.12'
phantomjs@1.9.13 '1.9.13'
phantomjs@1.9.15 '1.9.15'
phantomjs@1.9.16 '1.9.16'
phantomjs@1.9.17 '1.9.17'
phantomjs@1.9.18 '1.9.18'
phantomjs@1.9.19 '1.9.19'
phantomjs@2.1.1 '2.1.1'
phantomjs@2.1.2 '2.1.2'
phantomjs@2.1.3 '2.1.3'
phantomjs@1.9.20 '1.9.20'
phantomjs@2.1.7 '2.1.7'

system-wide for deployment scenarios, etc.

Here is how using the tarball

wget "https://bitbucket.org/ariya/phantomjs/downloads/phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2"
tar xvfj "./phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2"
ln -sf "./phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64/bin/phantomjs" "/usr/bin"

Tested on ubuntu 14.04, perhaps moving the folder to another place other than ./

update for 16.04:

wget may or may not work see: https://github.com/Medium/phantomjs/issues/161

# install dependencies
sudo apt-get install libfontconfig
# extract the tar file
tar xvfj "./phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2"
# use full path
ln -sf "$(pwd)/phantomjs-$PHANTOM_JS_VERSION-linux-x86_64/bin/phantomjs" "/usr/bin"


phantomjs: error while loading shared libraries: libfontconfig.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


 sudo apt-get install libfontconfig
  • @3zzy your're right, updated looked like a dependency issue, and linking to a relative path might have been an issue. Also for whatever reason wget wasn't working so I scp the tar ball over to the machine. Added github issue with the same 403 acess denied error.
    – jmunsch
    Sep 11 '16 at 22:17

For those who have problems to install like me

it is more easy than you think...

  • I uninstall phantomjs: Remove phantomjs from ubuntu sudo apt-get remove phantomjs or remove npm folder of /node_modules/phantomjs it will be in /, maybe you will need to remove ln the link of phantomjs in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin/ the name of it is phantomjs


//use this if you installed with apt-get
sudo apt-get remove phantomjs    *remove the phantomjs
rm /usr/bin/phantomjs            *use this if the link didn't remove.

//use this if you installed from npm: like this: npm install phantomjs
rm -R /node_modules/phantomjs    *note: it will be in other folder, search it.
  • install phantomjs from npm: npm install phantomjs from / directory, npm install it in folder /node_module/phantomjs


cd /;
npm install phantomjs
  • Test bin file


//check version of phantomjs
/node_modules/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs -v
/node_modules/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs test.js
  • link file bin to /usr/bin:


ln -sf /node_modules/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs /usr/bin/phantomjs

  • check version of it to see if it's ok
    phantomjs -v in my case 2.1.1

phantomjs 2.1.1 is now currently bundled with 16.04 (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/phantomjs), so you should be able to install/upgrade it as a system package.

Update: This answer exists for informative purposes, but it is not recommended to use the system package version now due to issues such as: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phantomjs/+bug/1605628 This is related to an issue with file upload that was fixed upstream, but the nature of the fix prevented it from working as a system package.

The best current option is use the prebuilt binary from: https://bitbucket.org/ariya/phantomjs/download


As approved steps did not work for me, I am sharing the solution I found.

# Install phantomJS
export PHANTOM_JS="phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64"
wget https://bitbucket.org/ariya/phantomjs/downloads/$PHANTOM_JS.tar.bz2
sudo tar xvjf $PHANTOM_JS.tar.bz2

sudo mv $PHANTOM_JS /usr/local/share
sudo ln -sf /usr/local/share/$PHANTOM_JS/bin/phantomjs /usr/local/bin

# Sanity check 
phantomjs --version
>>> 2.1.1

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