package test;

public class HelloWorld {
public HelloWorld(String args){

public void ppp(){

public  void set(HelloWorld hw){

public static final String JAVABRIDGE_PORT = "28080";
static final php.java.bridge.JavaBridgeRunner runner = php.java.bridge.JavaBridgeRunner

public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {


use test\HelloWorld;

class abc extends HelloWorld{
function ppp(){
echo "!!!!";

$hw =new java("test.HelloWorld","str");
$hw -> set(new abc("str"));

You can see in the PHP code a php class extend Java class and the set() method is Java's methods which let PHP class pass to the Java side.

Could it print "!!!!" not "...." ?

I know py4j could do it , wondering how PHP/Java Bridge do it?


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you can implement it using a custom php5/php7 __autoload function which checks each argument and, if it is an instanceof Java, wraps it using java_closure() with a list of generated interfaces for the wrapped Java type. In pseudo-code something like:

java_autoload_function() {...
__call(java_closure($type, null, $Class->getInterfaces($type)))

Needs not more than ~10-15 lines of additinal PHP code in Java.inc.

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