I have a file called Index.txt with the following lines:


I'd like to create a command called Fsearch to execute a search in Index.txt using regular expressions, match the first occurrence and execute :vsplit with it. For example, if I execute:

:Fsearch main_backend.c

Vim should execute:

:vsplit /Project/A/B/C/D/main_backend.c

and If I execute:

:Fsearch main*.c

Vim should execute:

:vsplit /Project/A/B/C/D/main.c

This is what I've tried so far but I'm pretty sure it could be improved:

function! CopyMatches(reg)  
let l:file = grep -m 1 a:reg ~/Index.txt
echom l:file
if len(l:file) > 0
    exec ':vsp ' . l:file
echom 'File not found: ' . l:file
command! -nargs=* Fsearch call CopyMatches('<args>')  

Any suggestion?

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You could try this:

function! CopyMatches(reg)
   execute "silent! grep!" a:reg " ~/Index.txt"
   let l:file = getqflist()
   if len(l:file) > 0
       let l:path_head = fnamemodify( "~/workspace", ":p" )
       for l:item in l:file
           let l:current_file = l:path_head . "/" . l:item["text"]  
           if match( l:current_file, getcwd() ) != -1 
               execute 'vsplit' fnamemodify( l:current_file, ":~:.")
        echom "File not found:" a:reg
      echom "File not found:" a:reg

command! -nargs=* Fsearch call CopyMatches('<args>')


  • The :grep built-in command is a wrap used by Vim to execute an external grep (see :help grep for more information).
  • The :grep! form of the :grep command doesn't jump to the first match automatically (i.e., :grep! won't open Index.txt).
  • The :silent! command is used to suppress the default full screen grep output.
  • Vim uses quickfix list with :grep so you can get all occurrences from getqflist() function (see :help getqflist() for details)
  • Thanks it works gr8. With your earlier solution if I want to change the line execute "silent! grep!" a:reg " ~/Index.txt" to execute "silent! grep!" a:reg " ~/cscope.files" | "grep cut -d/ -f 5- <<<"${PWD}"" . So that I can get only relative result always. plz Any suggestion how to do it?
    – ypp
    Apr 25, 2016 at 18:53
  • system("pwd | cut -d/ -f 5-".expand("%")) giving desired search string I wanna use so I tried execute "silent! grep!" a:reg " ~/cscope.files" | exe "silent! grep" system("pwd | cut -d/ -f 5-".expand("%")) but it keep on running after doing Ctrl+c its giving error E486: pattern not found :dev
    – ypp
    Apr 25, 2016 at 19:21
  • say my $pwd is /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/C/ for now :Fsearch main*.c say I am getting following result (i am not using -m1 in grep) /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/main.c /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/C/main_backend.c /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/C/D/main_frontend.c /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/main_common.c But I want :Fsearch main*.c should fetch only result i.e w.r.t. $pwd /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/C/main_backend.c /home/user/workspace/Project_1/A/B/C/D/main_frontend.c
    – ypp
    Apr 26, 2016 at 8:42
  • It always telling file not found. I printed the l:current_file just below echom "File not found:" a:reg It showing l:current_file /users/user1./Project_1/A/main_common.c instead it should have this value Project_1/A/main_common.c And before redraw! it printing /users/user1/Index.txt:10:./Project_1/A/main_common.c
    – ypp
    Apr 26, 2016 at 14:51
  • Now I removed ./ i.e period slash at start of each line of Index.txt but added print is printing the value of l:current_file /users/user1Project_1/A/main_common.c i.e vsplit trying to open vsplit /users/user1Project_1/A/main_common.c thats why it return always file not found, instead it should open vsplit Project_1/A/main_common.c
    – ypp
    Apr 26, 2016 at 18:13

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