I am trying to debug huge system which has many caught exceptions. During debug process Eclipse stops on every exception, and I want to configure it to stop only on my breakpoint.

Is it any way to switch stopping on exceptions off ?


  • I use Helios Release.
  • I already removed checkboxes from suspend on exception, and it did not helped.
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In the Eclipse preferences, you can uncheck the option Suspend execution on uncaught exceptions, located in Java > Debug panel.

What is your Eclipse version btw?

In the Preferences menu under Java -> Debug you can turn off Suspend execution on uncaught exceptions That may help, as I expect although your codebase eventually catches exceptions, they are being thrown out of methods which are triggering this.

In the Breakpoints view, check whether you have a breakpoint configured to stop on caught exceptions.

If there is such a breakpoint, you can uncheck the option to stop on caught exceptions, or delete the breakpoint entirely.

If the Breakpoints view is not visible, you can access it via Window>Show View>Other, under Debug>Breakpoints.

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