So I'm writing a Swift app recently and I'm creating a blur effect above imageView, I heard that CAFilter is really high efficient doing this blur job but it's a private API, according to what people had said like 3 or more years ago. I'm wondering that whether CAFilter still banned in App Store. Someone please help me.


I think that CAFilter is being replaced by CIFilter that is a class of the CoreImage Framework.

Core Image Programming Guide

You can also use UIVisualEffectView to do a blur overlay, but you have less options of customization.

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    Thanks lorenzo! I just looked it up and implemented this to my app and it runs great now. And plus I realized from iOS 7 the blur effect provided by UIImage class is now GPU-accelerated so we don't have to worry about performance, even though it feels laggy and CPU-consuming in the Simulator, coz the Simulator doesn't have a GPU. – Allen Apr 28 '16 at 1:25

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