I have a Python program that needs to embed the Python Interactive Console.

I'm currently using InteractiveConsole from code module:


However if I type exit() in the console, the whole program is exited.

How can I exit the interactive console without exiting the main program?


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Thanks to @PhillipMartin I managed to do it after reading his link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/30i599/gracefully_break_out_of_codeinteractiveconsole/

def console_exit():
    raise SystemExit

    code.InteractiveConsole(locals={"exit": console_exit}).interact()
except SystemExit:

# Continue doing stuff

This lets exit in the console raise SystemExit only, without changing other things (like manipulating stdin etc.), and intercepts it at the outer program.

Btw, since I don't need to inherit code.InteractiveConsole I should use code.interact(...) instead.

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