I had a perfectly normal file. I downloaded pyinstaller, created a .exe with it, and wanted to share it. I uploaded it to dropbox, filehopper and one more (cant remember which) each time i tried to share it. Every single time, when i download the file to check if it works, my computer says trojan virus detected and quarantines the file. How do I fix/whats wrong??? TIA


This is not trouble with python or .exe - this is antivirus policy. If you want to distribute your app/program you need certificate. Or you can tell your clients to disable AV (very bad solution - your reputation and trust may be trashed). Best way is to redistribute python programs is as-is with .py or (if there is need for compiling) in source format - let the clients do rest of work - open source. If you need closed source app - you buy certificate.

  • What is client has no python reader or wants to download reader? – XaNaX Apr 26 '16 at 23:53

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