I'm trying to connect to a Cloudant server using PouchDB. CORS is configured properly:

  "enable_cors": true, 
  "allow_credentials": true, 
  "origins": [

And I've tried connecting using the following methods:

Method 1:

var db = new PouchDB("https://[username].cloudant.com/database", {auth: {username: [username], password: [password]}});

Method 2:

var db = new PouchDB("https://[username]:[password]@[username].cloudant.com/database");

Method 3:

var ajaxOpts = {
    ajax: {
        headers: {
            Authorization: 'Basic ' + window.btoa([username] + ':' + [password])

var db = new PouchDB("https://[username].cloudant.com/database", ajaxOpts);

I then attempt to sync and get the error: "Authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers." I only get this error on mobile Safari though. Everything works properly on Desktop Safari and Chrome.

Any thoughts on what is causing this?

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