I am using the before_action filter to call authenticate which is a method that will redirect users back to their home page if they aren't authorized to be on the page requested.

I would like to exclude a page from this step, just for testing purposes.

What I have seen so far is that I can use except to exclude certain controller actions from being subject to the before_action filter so like:

before_action :authenticate, except: :demo_login

I can also exclude more than one action at a time like this:

before_action :authenticate, except [:demo_login, :demo_show]

How can I exclude all actions in a specific controller?

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Use skip_before_action :authenticate in the relevant controller.

The format of this method is the same as before_action so if you want to skip calling :authenticate for a specific controller action, use:

skip_before_action :authenticate, only: [:show, :index]

The except: keyword can also be used.

  • the before action may exist in an inherited controller. is there a way to exclude the controller not the action in the parent controller? Feb 17, 2022 at 11:55

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