I already know the basics of Java but where should you go to learn android app development. I want to learn how to make pro apps and one day make a 3D game. Where do/did you go to learn android development? And please don't say university.


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You can start using the official resources:

2 Great books from Pragmatic Bookshelf:

Other Books:

Google should be your best friend.

  • The official docs suck, I am saying this after they gave me 400 lines of code for handling the camera with no explanation. The official docs are not for beginners, they are for programmers with half a decade of Java experience, the same thing is stated there.
    – doubleOrt
    Sep 30, 2017 at 10:11

www.teamtreehouse.com is a good place for beginners in my opinion :)

give it a shot :D


[It can help you for android development in the beginning.][1]


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