I have been following the code from here, which works until the "yahoo_token" step that yields the following:

 yahoo_token<- oauth2.0_token(yahoo, myapp, cache=T, use_oob = T)
     Please point your browser to the following url: 


     Enter authorization code:

I then have no idea what the authorization code is. The link they ask me to point my browser to also asks for a code but none was provided to me at any point during this process.

  • were you able to figure this out? I am having the same issue. – Chris P Aug 20 '16 at 22:22

I was able to solve this after changing my request for authorization to:

yahoo_token<- oauth1.0_token(yahoo, myapp, cache=T)
  • This worked for me previously but now I am having sign-in issues with Yahoo. I tried using oauth2.0_token but I also don't know what the authorization code when prompted. Can anyone help clarify? – Phil Aug 26 at 20:14

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