I'm currently working on an Android App and i choosed the MVP-Arhitecture. My Problem is right now, that i need to read and write something from the Database in the Model, but therefor you need a reference to the Context and that is in the View. I want to know, how to get the Context from the View to the Model without breaking the MVP-Architecture (if it is possible).



Something has to create the model and the presenter i.e.:

 new MyModel();
 new Presenter();

Usually this is the Activity

 public void onCreate(Bundle savedState) {
      Model model = new MyModel();
      Presenter presenter = new Presenter(model, this); // this being the View

If you are using a database inside of your model you want to use a dependency to do this, maybe called DatabaseReader

 public void onCreate(Bundle savedState) {
      DatabaseReader db = new DatabaseReader(this); // this being context
      Model model = new MyModel(db);
      Presenter presenter = new Presenter(model, this); // this being the View

Now you have a class called DatabaseReader that has a Context passed to it through the constructor so you can do "database things", and this class itself is used by the model.

 public class DatabaseReader {

     private final Context context;

     public DatabaseReader(Context context) {
         this.context = context;


 public class MyModel implements Model {

     private final DatabaseReader db;

     public MyModel(DatabaseReader db) {
         this.db = db;

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    This is MVC. MVP should not have any reference to the model from the view – Davide Aug 23 '18 at 20:17
  • Perhaps, although view is not mentioned in the answer. Further reading: blog.blundellapps.co.uk/… – Blundell Aug 26 '18 at 21:46

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