[Learning English] I did not find Unity examples of using RGBToHSV(). I'm trying different code combinations but I do not know how to use properly RGBToHSV(). I try to use just the function but do not work. In Unity documentation and forum there is no example. Do I need to add Color to the function first? also I try myColor = to Color.RGBToHSV(...) but is not working. How is the correct way to use RGBToHSV() function?

// Declaration
public float hue { get; set; }
float S, V;

Color.RGBToHSV (actualRGBColor, out hue, out S, out V);

But err: A property or indexer GetSetColor.hue may not be passed as ref' orout' parameter.

How to use properly Color.RGBToHSV() in Unity c# ?


You cannot use GetSetColor.hue as the out variable.

You will have to pass in a variable instead.

float hue, S, V;
Color.RGBToHSV (actualColor, out hue, out S, out V);
  • int hue, S, V; should be float hue, S, V;
    – Programmer
    Apr 28 '16 at 10:00
  • Yes that Get Set was the problem so I will include it in the question. Apr 28 '16 at 16:41

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