I need assistance with a calculation that will set a date field (Respondent Status Date Change) to the current date each time values list (Respondent Status) has a change in value:

Status values list and Date field

VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Pending Assignment"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Work in Progress"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Escalated to ERD"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Questions to Risk Group"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Optimization Opportunity"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"Completed"),VALUEOF([Respondent Status],"No Selection")))
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I would suggest that you use DDEs to implement what you want. You will not have to wait for a save or an apply.

So basically,


Respondent Status


Pending Assignment OR Work in Progress OR Escalated to ERD OR Questions to Risk Group OR Optimization Opportunity OR Completed OR No Selection


Set [Respondent Status Date Change] to Current Date

But if a calculation is absolutely essential:

Create a copy of the field 'Respondent Status' say 'Previous Respondent Status'. 'Previous Respondent Status' field will be calculated and the formula for this field will be:

[Respondent Status]

Now, in the calculation order, place this field below the 'Respondent Status Date Change' field.

The calculation in the 'Respondent Status Date Change' would be:

 IF([Respondent Status]<>[Previous Respondent Status], NOW(),
    IF([Respondent Status]=[Previous Respondent Status], [Respondent Status Date Change]))

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