I've been happily using Firefox in Kubuntu 14.04, with "emacs" key bindings, by adding tho the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file:

gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"

However, now Firefox has been updated to 46, apparently with GTK3 (and, as with every second update, some other settings/extensions are screwed up), and that solution doesn't work. How can I easily get my Ctrl+U = "clear line" shortcut?

  • Now its firefox 47 and the proposed solution does not seem to work again. – Harald Aug 1 '16 at 13:09

I found the solution here: http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/gtk3-emacs-key-theme.html

Edit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and add, inside the [Settings] section, this line:

gtk-key-theme-name = Emacs

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