Can't seem to find it in trunk. Is this actually part of the open-source Chromium project? Or is the source to this not actually released? Only mention I could find:


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Fetch it with Git:

  • $ git clone https://pdfium.googlesource.com/pdfium

View and contribute:


Chromium just automatically embeds a page with PDF, the custom plugin is bundled up with Chrome. Adobe and Google has some mutual agreement:

You can right click and inspect the PDF Native Viewer to see yourself, you will see something like the following:

<body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" bgcolor="rgb(38,38,38)">
<embed width="100%" height="100%" name="plugin" src="http://path/to/file.pdf" type="application/pdf">

I just cite a snippet of the Chromium wiki (last updated on Nov 20, 2012):

The Chrome PDF plugin uses 3rd-party non-free code; no Free Software PDF plugin exists that supports all the PDF features we'd like (such as filling in forms). :(


It is closed-source, just as native Flash plugin.


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