So I have a BindingSource with it's DataSource property set to a DataSet. I then have several controls that are bound to different columns of tables in the DataSet.

bsStatus.DataSource = statusDS;

dgvStatus.DataBindings.Add("DataSource", bsStatus, "Status");
lblBRId.DataBindings.Add("Text", bsStatus, "Status.BorrowerAccount");
lblCBId.DataBindings.Add("Text", bsStatus, "Status.CoBorrowerAccount");
webBrowser1.DataBindings.Add("DocumentText", bsStatus, "Status.ScriptLog");

This all works just fine on loading. My controls are populated with the correct values. The problem comes when updating the 'statusDS' DataSet. Most controls are just fine. The TextBox and DataGridView controls update just fine when the source DataSet is changed.

The problem is that the WebBrowser.DocumentText property isn't updated.


I realized I had set

WebBrowser.AllowNavigation = false

Setting it back to true solved the issue.

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