1. Problem

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This is the datepicker in my flask admin form, all the month and week names are in English, but I want customize the names also the start week number. like this question: How do I localize the jQuery UI Datepicker?. I searched a lot, but all I got is about how to customize date format in flask.

2. My code

class Receipt(db.Model):
    delivery_time = db.Column(db.Date,index=True)

It's a date column can view and edit in admin form.

Is there any way to config the month、week names ? And how to make the start week number to Monday not Saturday, thanks a lot.


I find a quick way to fix this issue, but I know there are better ways to do this. just modify the code in path:lib/python2.7/site-packages/flask_admin/static/vendor/daterangepicker.js to below:

 this.locale = {
            applyLabel: 'Apply',
            cancelLabel: 'Cancel',
            fromLabel: 'From',
            toLabel: 'To',
            weekLabel: 'W',
            customRangeLabel: 'Custom Range',
            // daysOfWeek: moment.weekdaysMin(),
            daysOfWeek: ["日","一","二","三","四","五","六"],
            // monthNames: moment.monthsShort(),
            monthNames: ["一月","二月","三月","四月","五月","六月","七月","八月","九月","十月","十一月","十二月",],
            // firstDay: moment.localeData()._week.dow
            firstDay: 1
  • I am not an expert about js, but I guess we could change the locale in monment.js, but I couldn't find it right now. – huangli May 3 '16 at 8:18

You could change locale globally in your templates, by adding:


This would guarantee that any other script loaded after this one that uses moment would use the global locale setting. You can find more details about setting locale here.


That code is not a good solution, but it can be helpful:

 {% block tail_js %}
  {{ super() }}
    $(document).ready(function () {
      var el = $('#your_element_id'); // change this selector
        timePicker: true,
        showDropdowns: true,
        timePickerIncrement: 1,
        timePicker12Hour: false,
        separator: ' to ',
        format: el.attr('data-date-format'),
        locale: {
            format: "MM/DD/YYYY",
            separator: " - ",
            applyLabel: "Выбрать",
            cancelLabel: "Закрыть",
            fromLabel: "От",
            toLabel: "До",
            customRangeLabel: "Custom",
            weekLabel: "W",
            daysOfWeek: ["Вс", "Пн", "Вт", "Ср", "Чт", "Пт", "Сб"],
            monthNames: [ "Январь", "Февраль", "Март", "Апрель", "Май", "Июнь", "Июль", "Август", "Октябрь", "Сентябрь", "Ноябрь", "Декабрь"],
            firstDay: 1
{% endblock %}

P.S. Need to add this code into your master.html

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