I'm having problem with wordpress json Api When login the user. Currently I'm Using Wordpress version 4.5.1 with listed below plugin:

Here are the step I follow:

1) Generate nonce


Below is Response:


2) Generate Auth Cookie


Below is Response:

{"status":"error","error":"SSL is not enabled. Either use _https_ or provide 'insecure' var as insecure=cool to confirm you want to use http protocol."}

Why I'm Getting this error?


It seems that JSON API User and JSON API Auth plugins allow by default only connections over https.

In order to turn off this setting, you should send an extra parameter in the request:


So try the following request:

  • Also, it seems that all the functionality of JSON API Auth plugin (Generate Auth Cookie for user authentication, Validate Auth Cookie, Get Current User Info) is also included in JSON API User. Why are you using both? I think that JSON API User is enough. – andreivictor Apr 29 '16 at 10:48

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