I am using Nvidia Digits Box with GPU (Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X) and Tensorflow 0.6 to train the Neural Network, and everything works. However, when I check the Volatile GPU Util using nvidia-smi -l 1, I notice that it's only 6%, and I think most of the computation is on CPU, since I notice that the process which runs Tensorflow has about 90% CPU usage. The result is the training process is very slow. I wonder if there are ways to make full usage of GPU instead of CPU to speed up the training process. Thanks!


I suspect you have a bottleneck somewhere (like in this github issue) -- you have some operation which doesn't have GPU implementation, so it's placed on CPU, and the GPU is idling because of data transfers. For instance, until recently reduce_mean was not implemented on GPU, and before that Rank was not implemented on GPU, and it was implicitly being used by many ops.

At one point, I saw a network from fully_connected_preloaded.py being slow because there was a Rank op that got placed on CPU, and hence triggering the transfer of entire dataset from GPU to CPU at each step.

To solve this I would first recommend upgrading to 0.8 since it had a few more ops implemented for GPU (reduce_prod for integer inputs, reduce_mean and others).

Then you can create your session with log_device_placement=True and see if there are any ops placed on CPU or GPU that would cause excessive transfers per step.

There are often ops in the input pipeline (such as parse_example) which don't have GPU implementations, I find it helpful sometimes to pin the whole input pipeline to CPU using with tf.device("/cpu:0"): block

  • Thanks for your great answer! After I did some profiling work, I noticed that tensor.eval(session=..., feed_dict=...) takes too much time, and the time consumption grows as code running time goes by. I wonder how I can improve this function usage, and I really appreciate it :) (BTW, I am using Tensorflow 0.6, I tried to upgrade it to 0.8, but I got the problems there - I guess that may be Tensorflow 0.8 bug: stackoverflow.com/questions/36877559/…. I also wonder if I can improve tensor.eval() usage if I still keep using 0.6) – Ruofan Kong May 11 '16 at 17:28

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