Cordova version 6.1.1 Cordova ios platform version 6.1.1

I am unable to find any solution for the following error

The following build commands failed:
    CompileAssetCatalog build/emulator/myapp1.app myapp1/Images.xcassets
(1 failure)
Error: Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: -xcconfig,/Users/appdev/Desktop/All-Apps/myapp1/platforms/ios/cordova/build-debug.xcconfig,-project,myapp1.xcodeproj,ARCHS=i386,-target,myapp1,-configuration,Debug,-sdk,iphonesimulator,build,VALID_ARCHS=i386,CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/appdev/Desktop/All-Apps/myapp1/platforms/ios/build/emulator,SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR=/Users/appdev/Desktop/All-Apps/myapp1/platforms/ios/build/sharedpch
  • Hey I'm having a similar problem. Mine is related to the splash plugin - as soon as I add the <splash> tags in the config it stops compiling. When I remove the tags I have to remove all plugins and add them again before it'll compile again. Is this the same problem you're having? Because this err 65 has A LOT of causes and it really isn't saying much about what really causes it. – REJH Sep 16 '16 at 13:44
  • I've opened a bug for this but it's a bit alarming that this was occurring a year ago. issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB-12733 – Randgalt Apr 28 '17 at 4:13
  • Possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/36095819/… – Joanne Jan 31 '18 at 7:27

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