I have a spring boot 1.3.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT app that has Spring Security. I have a @ControllerAdvice class for using in handling exceptions from my endpoints, and that works well. However, I am unable to track exceptions from Spring Security such as AuthenticationException. I use this to catch those exceptions and log a specific message:

public class MyAuthenticationFailureHandler implements AuthenticationFailureHandler {

    public void onAuthenticationFailure(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, AuthenticationException exception) throws IOException, ServletException {
        request.setAttribute(WebAttributes.AUTHENTICATION_EXCEPTION, exception.getLocalizedMessage());
        throw new SessionAuthenticationException(exception.getLocalizedMessage());

The exception is never caught even though I have this:

public class BaseController {
    public ResponseEntity getSessionAuthenticationExceptionResponse(Exception exception) {

        LOGGER.error("exception.getMessage()", exception);
        return  ResponseEntity.status( HttpStatus.UNAUTHORIZED )
                        .contentType( MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON ).body( exception.getLocalizedMessage() );


And here is my configuration:

@EnableGlobalMethodSecurity(securedEnabled = true)
public class EDentalManager extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter  {


public class WebSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {
    protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
          .addFilterAfter(new CSRFTokenGeneratorFilter(), CsrfFilter.class)
          .logout().addLogoutHandler(logoutHandler).logoutRequestMatcher( new AntPathRequestMatcher("/logout"))
          .withObjectPostProcessor(new AdditionalStrategyPostProcessor(new CleanRegistry(sessionRegistry)))
           .expiredUrl("/login?expired" )
           .sessionRegistry(sessionRegistry )

What is the best way to trap Spring Security exceptions so I can message the user in case of too-many sessions, authentication exceptions, etc?

Update based upon latest findings:

public class CustomAuthenticationFailureHandler extends SimpleUrlAuthenticationFailureHandler {

    private MessageSource messages;

    private LocaleResolver localeResolver;

    public void onAuthenticationFailure(final HttpServletRequest request, final HttpServletResponse response,
                                        final AuthenticationException exception) throws IOException, ServletException {

        final Locale locale = localeResolver.resolveLocale(request);
        String errorMessage = buildErrorMessage(response, exception, locale);
        response.setHeader("Authentication Error", errorMessage);
        response.sendError(HttpStatus.UNAUTHORIZED.value(), errorMessage);

    private void buildErrorMessage(final HttpServletResponse response, Exception exception, Locale locale) {

               String errorMessage = messages.getMessage("message.badCredentials", null, locale);

    if (exception instanceof BadCredentialsException) {
        errorMessage = messages.getMessage("auth.message.invalid.credentials", null, locale);
    } else if (exception.getMessage().equalsIgnoreCase("User is disabled")) {
        errorMessage = messages.getMessage("auth.message.disabled", null, locale);
    } else if (exception.getMessage().equalsIgnoreCase("User account has expired")) {
        errorMessage = messages.getMessage("auth.message.expired", null, locale);
    } else if (exception.getMessage().equalsIgnoreCase("blocked")) {
        errorMessage = messages.getMessage("auth.message.blocked", null, locale);
    } else {
        errorMessage = exception.getMessage();

I am now redirected to error.html after my /login POST and I see a 401 ResponseStatus, and I have the header information I put on the response.

This seems like it should be handled without a redirect and with a ResponseEntity, but that doesn't appear the way Spring Boot & Security handle it. Can anyone suggest a cleaner approach to this messaging authentication events without using Thymeleaf (we are pure http ->json ->Tomcat)?

  • Take a look at Take a look at docs.spring.io/spring-security/site/docs/4.0.4.RELEASE/… – Ali Dehghani May 1 '16 at 8:06
  • Thank you for the link. I updated my question with my findings, but I am still not able to see the actual error messages on my login page. – sonoerin May 3 '16 at 3:40
  • What is the exact behaviour you have at the moment - you login (with invalid credentials) using the form and then you get HTTP redirected to a URL like ../error.html ? Or are you on another URL but seeing the content of your error.html template? Are you using Spring-Boot with embedded tomcat or hosting on tomcat as a WAR file? – rhinds May 3 '16 at 17:13
  • 1
    In my normal Spring MVC flow, the Controller gets the request, processes it and in case of error returns a ResponseEntity with a code and message, or result if not error. It would seem cleaner if I could handle login errors the same way. Since I am using the Spring Boot Login Controller implicitly, my @ControllerAdvice class doesn't ever receive the 'SessionAuthenticationException' or 'BadCredentialsException' so all I have been able to come up with is putting the message and status on the response headers. – sonoerin May 4 '16 at 12:39
  • @sonoerin Did you finally figured this out? – Alireza Mirian Dec 2 '17 at 8:53

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