I have a bunch of elements on my site (dynamically created). E.g:

<input type="text" class="form-control" id="item5" name="item5">
<input type="text" class="form-control" id="item2" name="item2">

I do not know how many Items there are. I only know that the ID-Name is always "itemX" (X stand for a number that I don't know.)

On Button Click I want loop through the site and that it writes alle founded ID that begins wit "item..." in a text input. (hidden field)

Any Ideas, how I can do this?


You can do it with attribute starts with selector,

  return this.value 

The above code will set the value in the hidden text box like "hai,hello"

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    very nice solution – gavgrif May 1 '16 at 11:18
  • It don't work. The fields stays empty. code$("#btn_make").on("click", function() { $("#itemstring").val($("input[id^=item]").map(function(){ return this.value }).get()); });code – DragonStyle May 1 '16 at 11:43
  • @DragonStyle This should work. You must be doing wrong somewhere. Can you create a demo of your problem here in jsfiddle.net ? So that it would be helpful for us to fix your problem. – Rajaprabhu Aravindasamy May 1 '16 at 11:45
  • That only returns a comma when I click "make" (?) – DragonStyle May 1 '16 at 12:06
  • @DragonStyle you have to type something in the text boxes there. – Rajaprabhu Aravindasamy May 1 '16 at 12:08

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