I have been using Coldfusion cfdocument to generate PDF. However, ever since my trail period expired, I have this ugly watermark saying "Adobe ColdFusion Developer Trail Edition/Not for Production Use" showing on my PDF files.

I did some research and found that you have to buy a license for this feature to work. Is there a way around it? Are any alternatives available that are free for use?

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I use and recommend WKHTMLTOPDF. It's a single, portable command line program. (There's also WKHTMLTOImage.)


I wrote a custom tag that works with ColdFusion 9, 10, 11 & 2016 and generates consistent high-quality results on each version:


  PageURL = "http://#CGI.Server_Name#/temp/#PDFFileName#_Page.htm"
  HeaderURL = "http://#CGI.Server_Name#/temp/#PDFFileName#_Header.htm"
  FooterURL = "http://#CGI.Server_Name#/temp/#PDFFileName#_Footer.htm"
  filename = "c:\websiteroot\temp\#PDFFileName#.pdf"
  orientation = "portrait"
  margintop = "1"
  marginleft = "0.25"
  marginright = "0.25"
  marginbottom = "0.50">

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