I am new to maven and I am not quite sure what is the difference between thread-count ="1" and thread-count = "2"

If I set thread-count ="2" , it means that the same test will run on the same time on both of the phones?

Is it possible to run a test on one phone and when it finished, to run the same test on the second phone?


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    Why the down votes without comments? Shay what have you tried? Your code sample?
    – zipzit
    May 1, 2016 at 14:56

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Without further information my best guess is Parallel builds in Maven 3:

Maven 3.x has the capability to perform parallel builds.


This build-mode analyzes your project's dependency graph and schedules modules that can be built in parallel according to the dependency graph of your project.

The next best guess is Run appium tests parallelly.

And the next is TestNG's documentation, 5.10.2 - Parallel tests, classes and methods:

The parallel attribute on the <suite> tag can take one of following values:

<suite ... thread-count="5">

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