I am trying to install it on an Android operating system (I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet). I would like to install both R and RStudio.

I've been online to try and find out about this but most of the articles are quite old (going back to 2013) and don't make much sense to me.

I have both R and R studio installed on my personal laptop (with a windows OS) and found these both very straightforward to set up, but having some trouble figuring out how to do this on a tablet.

If anyone has done it recently and been successful please let me know.

  1. Install GNURoot from Google Play
  2. Install Gnuroot Wheezy from Google Play. See http://www.linux-magazine.com/ Online/Blogs/Productivity-Sauce/GNURoot-Linux-on-Android-No-Root-Required for more help.
  3. Update the package repositories (twice!):

    apt-get update apt-get update

  4. Block updates to system Perl:

    apt-mark hold perl-base

  5. Install R:

    apt-get install r-base

  6. Install all available cran packages from the Debian repositories:

    apt-get install r-cran*

  7. Start R from the command line:


source http://www.r-ohjelmointi.org/?p=1434

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