I'd like to make a comma seperated value string with Linq's Aggregate function. Anyone know how to do this?

Given an array of strings like this:

var authors = new string[] {"author 1", "author 2", "author 3"};

How do I get a single string like this author 1, author 2, author 3? I'm thinking something like authors.Aggregate(author => author + ",") might be able to do this but not sure.



If you're only looking to comma-separate them, just use string.Join:

string.Join(", ", authors);

This will work with any IEnumerable<string> (at least in .NET 4.0), but has worked with arrays of strings since 1.0.

  • O Cool, I guess Aggregate is not really what I need. Looks like Join is the right thing. I'll give try this... thanks. – Paul Fryer Sep 12 '10 at 22:37
  • Good call - I forgot about that method! – ColinE Jul 5 '11 at 8:15

As Bennor McCarthy says, you'd be much better off using string.Join for this purpose. If you really do want to use Enumerable.Aggregate though, this should do:

string csvString = authors.Aggregate((csvSoFar, author) => csvSoFar + ", " + author);

This is roughly equivalent to:

string csvString = authors.First();

foreach (string author in authors.Skip(1))
    csvString += ", " + author;
  • 2
    Thanks, Ya looks like Join is much is a much simpler approach for this task. – Paul Fryer Sep 12 '10 at 22:38

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