I'm trying to remove single quotes and double quotes around HTML attributes with the following restrictions:

1) The quoted material MUST exist within a tag <> (e.g., <mytag b="yes"> becomes <mytag b=yes>, but <script>var b="yes"</script> stays intact).

2) The quoted material may not have a space character nor an equal sign (e.g., <mytag b="no no" c="no=no"> stays intact).

3) The quoted material may not be in an href or src definition.

4) The regex should be good for UTF-8 (duh!)

Someone posted a virtually identical question here that received an answer that works within the confines of the question:

Removing single and double quote from html attributes with no white spaces on all attributes except href and src



...works, except it fails to isolate text within tags (i.e., text in between opening and closing tags is erroneously edited, e.g. <mytag>"The quotes are stripped out here!"</mytag>), and it doesn't check for equal signs (=) within the quoted text (e.g. <mytag b="OhNo=TheRoutineRemovedTheQuotesBecauseItDidNotCheckForAnEqualSignInTheQuotedText!">).

Bonus points: I wish to integrate this into this php HTML minification routine, which works well except for the edits described above:


His solution pairs the patterns and replacement params in two arrays, as you'll see, so I need to conform to his syntax, which uses #, etc.

Your solution get my upvote!

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    This seems like a bad idea. You should try using an HTML parser instead. – Laurel May 2 '16 at 4:54
  • You'd be better off using a DocumentFragment – SmokeyPHP May 2 '16 at 14:48
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Here is a pure regex way of getting rid of the quotes:


See the regex demo, replace with '$1'.

IDEONE demo:

$re = '~(?:<\w+|(?!^)\G)(?:\s+(?:src|href)=(?:"[^"]*"|\'[^\']*\'))*\s+(?!(?:href|src)=)\w+=\K(?|"([^\s"=]*)"|\'([^\s\'=]*)\')~u';
$str = "<mytag src=\"src_here\" b=\"yes\" href=\"href_here\"> becomes <mytag src=\"src_here\" b=yes href=\"href_here\">\n<mytag b='yes'> becomes <mytag b=yes>\nbut <script>var b=\"yes\"</script> stays intact\n<mytag b=\"no no\" c=\"no=no\"> stays intact\n<tag href=\"something\"> text <tag src=\"dddd\"> intact"; 
$subst = "$1"; 
$result = preg_replace($re, $subst, $str);
echo $result;

Pattern details:

  • (?:<\w+|(?!^)\G) - match the tag (<\w+) or (|) the end of the last successful match ((?!^)\G)
  • (?:\s+(?:src|href)=(?:"[^"]*"|\'[^\']*\'))* - matches the unwelcome href and src attributes to later omit them with \K
  • \s+ - match 1+ whitespace(s)
  • (?!(?:href|src)=)\w+= - 1+ alphanumeric or underscore characters (\w+) followed with = that are not href= or src= (see (?!(?:href|src)=) negative lookahead)
  • \K - omit the whole text matched so far
  • (?|"([^\s"=]*)"|\'([^\s\'=]*)\') - a branch reset group capturing into Group 1 either:
    • "([^\s"=]*)" - double quoted attribute with no =, ' and whitespace
    • | - or
    • \'([^\s\'=]*)\' - single quoted attribute with no =, ' and whitespace

Use this (<[^=]*?(?<!href)(?<!src)=)"((\p{L}|\d)+)"(.*?>) and replace 1st, 2nd and 4th capturing group with preg_replace while the replacements occure.

$a = '<aaa href="123ff" bbb="aaa">';
do {
  $b = preg_replace('/(<[^>]*?(?<!href)(?<!src)=)"((\\p{L}|\\d)+)"(.*?>)/u', '$1$2$4', $a, -1, $count);
  if(!$count) {
  $a = $b;
  • Thanks, but this erroneously edits <script>var b="yes"</script>, as described in the first condition in my description. The loop suggests a long processing time. – Tom May 2 '16 at 14:18
  • I updated the regex. Now it should match things only in attributes. – cdm May 2 '16 at 17:12

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