We need to (re)generated third party packages on EL7 but we don't want to change SPEC file as suggested (%define debug_package %{nil} https://www.redhat.com/archives/shrike-list/2003-April/msg00069.html) and neither changing the ~/.rpmmacros file as it is on a shared box for RPM build.

Is there any way to solve this via command line (additional parameter) with rpmbuild?


After many tests I found the solution. In fact, it is possible to define debug_package outside of the SPEC file, using --define. Which gives:

rpmbuild --define "debug_package %{nil}" -ba SPECS/original.spec

Result is: I don't modify the third party SPEC file and no RPM -debuginfo is generated.


rpmbuild --rebuild --nodebuginfo file.src.rpm -- this still generates debuginfo rpms

Another solution:

cat /etc/rpm/macros 
%debug_package %{nil}

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