what is the preferred method of deploying a web project? Just copy the dll's after compiling in release mode and registering them? or using NSIS to build an installer or the MS set up project.


I usually use a Web Deployment Project per WebSite or WebApplication, it allows me to manage build configurations, merging, and define pre-post build MSBuild tasks.

You can also take a look to the Microsoft Web Application Installer, it will be really nice, but it still in beta stage, however you can try it...


This depends greatly on where your webapp is going and the experience you wish to provide. If you deploy to a web host its best to use xcopy deploy and documentation. If you have a real end system its simpler to create an installer to do all the leg work for your customers and maybe save your self some documentation work.


I would recommend investing in setting up a continuous integration process (CruiseControl.Net or TeamCity etc...) As you are probably not only going to deploy it to your customer only once.

Having an automatic deploy at the push of a button is a Godsend. If you invest a few days you can have automatic deploy to a dev-environment every time someone checks in code (and it compiles and all tests pass), set up daily deploys to a test environment and have a button to automatically deploy it to a staging environment whenever you want.


Andreas, I am in the process of getting CC.Net. In the meanwhile, I am using the Web Deployment Project. Using this and going through the set up, it creates a 'release' folder with a bin folder conntaining dll's and also the aspx in the parent folder.

I assume I can now create an MSI file using the 'release' folder or do i need to do something different to create an MSI which i can run on the client server

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